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anticorrosive problems of high reliability terminal block
  Published:2015-09-22 09:59:44   Views:

   High reliability terminal block anticorrosive problem of production, have a good reference for use. Add the computer and communications equipment low voltage small current signal level line most of the problems are due to connector contact surface to form a layer of insulating film ( i.e. caused by corrosion ). Corrosion is caused by oxidation or chemical reaction is the metal surface gradually deterioration of a chemical process. Metal contact surface is prone to electrochemical corrosion, when high wet air and ambient trace chemical consistency in contact surface to form an adsorption from electrolyte, produce corrosion. However, corrosion formation also depends on the metal contact surface integrity and chemical activity. If the contact surface to keep for a long time stable ( communication connector required properties ), the surface should be by electroplating or compound is coated with a layer of precious metal ( such as gold ). Metal surface using and maintain appropriate coating helps to prevent corrosion.