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Special structure function of Terminal row
  Published:2015-08-24 16:52:27   Views:

  Terminal row as electrical, controller connected components, although the volume is not large, but play a vital role in the process of electrical connections. Wire into the socket, or wrong because of wrong direction cannot be connected to the conductive parts are likely to lead to the entire electrical, controller failure.

  1.mistake proofing plug

  Mistake proofing plug structure has two kinds, one is match LZ20 with LC20 used in multiple line terminal mistake proofing plug-in, LC20 used in plug, broke off plug-in, plug-in Inserted into the terminals molded case external grooves; LZ20 is used in the socket, also broke off plug-in, plug-in CARDS into the groove of the socket of molded case, can use the location of the plug-in to it.
  Tell the location of the terminal row, not make the top and bottom rows between terminals. Another kind is used in PCB terminal row of mistake proofing plug-in, embodied in the product model "B". Such as LSC1B - 7.5. Plug into an outlet on a prominent plugin as it happens and raised molded case, won't make terminal inserted into the left and right dislocation.

  2. flange

  Flange is in terminal row on both sides of the components, embodied in "M" in the product model.  Terminal row through the screw in the flange can be fixed on the contact surfaces such as walls, body, not be suspended.