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Line pressing boxes in the role of PCB terminals
  Published:2015-08-05 08:19:56   Views:

    PCB terminal types are divided according to the wiring way, usually, plug type, straight welded type terminal using screws and line pressing frame connected to the wire in contact, spring terminals contact with wire, fence type terminal by u-shaped terminal conductor connection with the outside. In view of the plug type terminals in the market,  line press box wiring connection mode has become the most popular in the market. Here is to explore the connection mode and line pressing  box in the terminal.

      Wire from jack into the wire frame, then screw torque, under the pressure of screw, wire firmly fixed in the wire frame, thus ensure the permanent connection with conductive parts.

    In this process, on the one hand,the wire frame has the effect of the fixed conductor, on the other hand, it provides enough contact force for wiring and conductive . Contact force is one of the important factors, if contact force is too low, will produce displacement between conductor and conducting strip, to produce oxide pollution, increased contact resistance caused overheating. Therefore, if there isn't enough contact pressure, with good conductive materials also of no use.  The use of terminal line pressing box has not subject to any environmental impact, large contact area, contact force insure the permanent connection.

    Since plug type terminal blocks have been widely used in the market, using the line pressing box wiring connections also withstand the test of the market.