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Pluggable terminal block:Accessories of motion control system
  Published:2014-11-27 10:53:24   Views:

Motion control for servo control system of continuous development in derivatives, its core value is the location for the mechanical moving parts, speed, control and manage in real time, so that it operates in strict accordance with the set parameters of the system, which can independently produce motion control features, technical requirements and other interactive features, this is an overview of the whole system. Motion control system signal transmission device there is a electrical components: terminal blocks, as wire connecting device, which provides current, signal transmission function of intermediary. Terminal itself generally are smaller and easy to operate, security is greatly improved, better promotion of the continuous development of the control system.


Terminal is the most basic kind of motion control industry Accessories products, its product range to choose from a wide range, common plug-in, spring, barrier terminal blocks. Terminal product structure is different from the control system, Terminal of the plastic and metal parts composed of different materials for motion control of signal transmission system makes perfect sense. Below by Elinker Electric-plug-type terminals LC1 spacing of 3.81mm products, for example, which joins the show Terminal value for you.


Pluggable terminal block attached to the circuit board terminal blocks, and as the most widely used class of products by industry partners and of all ages, for the purposes of this series, swift electrical spacing available in 3.5, 3.81, 5.0, 5.08, 7.5, 7.62mm products, may apply for multiple-digit product customizations (12 per cent). As indicated in the figure, pluggable terminal block connector (LC) and Sockets (LZ) is composed of two parts, plugs, their common structures are: 1, frame-type lifting structure; 2, slide wire structure; 3, butterfly-spring structure. Each with their own characteristics, each with its own advantages and can escort your link.


Elinker Electric-plug-type terminals product advantages:


Multiple choice 1, stitch (3.5/3.81.../7.62);
2, with the stitch type can be shared by different plugs and Sockets;
3, functional diversity (Board to Board, rail mounting, wall, multilayer, multi angle);
4, socket optional straight needle and the needle;
5, error-proof accessories (ensures correct installation).


Elinker Electric was founded in 2000, specialized in terminal development, production and sales, with international advanced mould designing and manufacturing technology, has a large product development, mould design, manufacture and quality assurance team, can provide industry partners with a full range of terminal connection.