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Analysis of Chinese terminal market's development in 21st century
  Published:2014-11-19 10:58:14   Views:

Along with the growing popularity of industrial automation, an increase in the demand for terminals, when entering the 21st century, including computers, telecommunications products, and consumer electronics 3C industry is developing rapidly. According to statistics in 2000 China terminal market reached more than 3 billion yuan, up 25.9% from 1999, after ten years of development, the enterprise scale and techniques are constantly updated so more urgent demand for terminal equipment. Meanwhile, international terminals industry leader China and Taiwan terminals enterprises to invest and set up factories in China, makes Terminal production expanded rapidly, reducing imports, the resulting economies of scale enable Terminal manufacturing costs were also reduced.

According to incomplete statistics, China has about 600 enterprises engaged in production or processing terminals, Terminal of the State-owned enterprises is relatively small, private joint-stock enterprises, joint ventures and bigger and bigger scale, investment is increasing annually, and quickly occupied a large share of the Chinese market. State-owned terminals generally small-scale enterprises, the number of employees at manufacturers accounted for 85% of up to 500. China's labour-intensive products, such as wiring harnesses, terminations, micro-switch, power cable, plug sockets, etc has certain advantages in international markets.

Terminal industry in China has the following characteristics:

(1) owing to the large size of China's electronic information industry, so the Terminal market demand is the highest in the world, the world electronic information industry downturn and production remain 5.3% growth and accelerate the development of the situation;

(2) the share of foreign-funded enterprises production gradually increased, thus contributing to increasing exports;

(3) in terms of quantity and quality, production terminals in China still cannot meet the needs of China's electronics and information products manufacturing, some premium products are dependent on imports from abroad, Terminal State of import/export trade was in deficit, but with the overseas Terminal manufacturing center moved to the Mainland, the trade deficit decreased the amount.

Terminal industry product mix

Judging from the current Terminal market in China, rail-mounted terminal blocks PCB terminal blocks and occupies a market dominant position. PCB terminal blocks is developing rapidly in recent years, owing to its simple operation and excellent product quality customer cooperation customers. With many of these ventures have emerged, China is expected to become the world class manufacturing center of PCB terminal blocks. PCB terminals industry remains optimistic about the future situation.

Currently, PCB terminal blocks of the main export target markets are Europe, America and Southeast Asia, even though these areas are subject to the impact of the crisis, but PCB terminal blocks manufacturer in 2015, China exports remain confident, export growth is expected to reach about 30%.