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Electronic information industry is upgrading,Terminal industry would develop better
  Published:2014-10-30 11:08:18   Views:

According to the latest message is displayed, China's electronic information industry development run in a smooth manner. With the development of intelligence, networking, green ideas, benefits of steady growth in the electronics industry. Readjustment of the industrial structure's success has made an indelible contribution to the electronics industry, integrated circuits, intelligent terminals, cloud computing and the emerging field of steadily promoting the diversified development of the market. Relative to the Terminal industry, it's going to be a great opportunity for industry development.

As a basis for manufacturing equipment accessories, Terminal is a key component of the electronic components industry, but also electronic information industry base of industry, and its technological level and production capacity directly affects the development of the industry as a whole. Terminal products are everywhere, whether in everyday consumer products or industrial electronic equipment, is made up of basic terminal block.

Elinker Electric believe that with the continuous research and development of new technologies, electronics and information industries will be perfect, to better development and industrial upgrading will go along this path will be the future. Through constant change, innovation, integration, and new electronic products will take advantage of the ready, present development situation of China's electronics industry are as follows:

One is the adjustment of the economic structure to accelerate. Domestic-funded enterprises maintained a fast growth, rise in strength and status.

Second, the technology level faster. Intelligent, networked electronic information products, services, trends have become increasingly prominent.

Three industrial fusion penetration is accelerating. First of all, manufacturing enterprise business model to accelerate change, "hardware + content + service" development ideas to speed up popularization drive hardware manufacturers, network operators and content providers to interact. The social informatization level boost, 90% of large industrial enterprises using ERP management system, 80% design for large industrial enterprise automation and production control system; 60% SME access to Internet purchases and inquiries; some online sales accounted for more than 30% of the light industry enterprises.

Four is the promotion of green manufacturing accelerated. With the increasing constraints of resources, energy and environment, energy conservation of China's electronic information industry, greening trend is increasing all the time. Communications equipment companies to launch low carbon green room solutions; computer and TV manufacturers continually improve the utilization rate of energy saving LED screen.

From these developments know that line terminal industry development situation, transforming the electronics and information industry will once again promote secondary Terminal industry development. With the innovation and improvement of connector technology, the existing terminal products, though not completely comparable to foreign brands, but the difference between the two is narrowing. Elinker Electric realization in optimizing the industrial structure of Terminal, "capacity", to scientific and technological innovation to promote Terminal industrial upgrading, energy saving and emission reduction aspects of developing low carbon economy responded positively to make its own contribution. In a positive development with a strong brand shaping the ongoing maintenance of the Terminal industry's high economic growth mode.