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Elinker Electric:Product customization service
  Published:2014-11-12 10:04:34   Views:

With the growing using of terminal blocks, more users have proposed additional requirements, and the terminal structure and wiring connection  have changed a lot. There are a variety of cabling and categories this time.  They are suitable for all kinds of wiring environments and greatly facilitated us. Meanwhile, the terminal structure are more user-friendly, connection speed is significantly improved, to reduce the labor intensity. At the same time, the reliability of terminals become more sophisticated. New production processes , technologies and equipments are used, the scientific production process and quality control methods have greatly improved the quality and life of the terminal blocks. With the growing environmental voice, the environmental requirements for terminal blocks are essential. Halogen-free flame-retardant material, non-toxic insulation of the conductor, lead-free plating are the positive response to this request.


All kind of terminal blocks of us have the following advantages:


1 Large wiring capacity can be adapted to a variety of connection requirements.
2 Clip frame and solder pin is separate, so that the screw torque will not be transmitted to the solder joints
3 Solder pin is four prism and the end is contract. While inserting into the holes, the contact area is increased. Welding is easy to be integrated into the liquid solder holes
4 Solder pin is copper alloy. Dirt-free solder pin ensures long-term reliability of solder
5 Tin-plated solder pin is easy to be welded.
6 With a cooling channel.
7-pin end of With a contracted end, the solder pin is easy to be installed.


As needed Users can select not only different pin position, stitch length, and also different wiring direction. In practice, the layout of components (such as PCB's position in the shell) often limits the printed circuit board terminal block wiring. We can offer a variety of PCB terminal blocks with different wiring direction, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and positive. This will be more helpful to the practice.