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"Servo era" is approaching, electronic company need to be ready
  Published:2014-11-19 11:50:28   Views:

In recent years, industrial robotics industry in a period of rapid development in China, as the world's largest market for industrial robots, industrial areas such as servos, integrated control in China must have the strength, the industry demand for industrial robots has shown. Servo control brand development than foreign brands made started late, but our servo control technologies and performance is gradually upgrading, there is electric that my country will celebrate her "servo era."

"Servo era" approaching plays an active role in promoting development of the electrical components, servo-controlled higher demand for electronic components, for many companies, "opportunities and challenges" co-exist, how to ensure quality and output balance is present, enterprises should focus on issues of development.

Servo-driven high-end protection element was indispensable

As Chinese manufacturing industry to realize that servo system to improve the competitiveness of products plays an important role, China's machinery manufacturing industry gradually into "servo era." Servo products to manufacturing in China right now, is no longer in the eyes of many to pursue stringent product quality and choice of luxury, more and more businesses have recognized the servo products for improving the competitiveness of enterprises and the role of efficient production, China's server market has entered a period of rapid growth.

Meanwhile, the development of power electronics, servo system circuit power components switching frequencies above 10kHz, high power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and intelligent power module (IPM) and other advanced devices, servo driver output circuit power consumption is significantly reduced, and improves system responsiveness and stability, reduced operating noise.

At present, although the domestically produced servo policy environment is getting better, brand appeal is also rising, but servo products mostly go for the low-end of the domestic route, with abroad there are disparities in product performance and reliability. As more and more domestic servo manufacturer, technical level and higher, the high-end line will be the future direction of development. High-end line from product safety must be taken into account, such as how to suppress the IGBT high-current? Curb ability of varistor plays an important role, it can be for servo system with security escort. Protection components such as Varistors, PTC Thermistors with the booming demand for high-end servo system.

Power electronics ' slowing the high-end line to avoid fierce competition

Drive of the country's sustainable economic development, energy conservation and emissions reduction, industrial policy support and strategic security needs, as well as the trend towards globalization, booster with efficient, low carbon economy and smart and effective economy requires the rapid development of power electronics industry. Power electronics as one of the main supporting point of power electronics technology, as power electronics "heart" in dynamic performance and overload capacity, durability and reliability play an important role.

Power electronics is the Apple, industrial strength, has a 25% per cent share, ranks first in the country. But the next few years, the power electronic components market down than in previous years. Due to the global financial crisis of 2008, the national macro-control, capital investment is very large, made from 2008 to 2011 growth rate reached a peak, amounting to 30-40%. From 2012 annual growth rate reduced to about 15%, and the next few years, industry as a whole may be leveled, expected annual growth of about 10%.