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Terminal block situation in Domestic market
  Published:2015-07-20 13:19:23   Views:

    At present, the terminal block belongs to the middle products of the electronic information industry, between electronic machine industry and raw materials industry, its development speed, reached the technical level and the scale of production, not only directly affects the development of the electronic information industry, and the development of information technology to transform traditional industries, improve the level of modern equipment, promote the progress of science and technology,which has important significance.
    According to the development characteristics of terminal block market, large connector terminal agent put forward of the following advice:
    First, judge the terminal products in the market in detail, judge total market capacity and prospects of the overall market demand in China;
    Second, focus on target market, analysis users of the target market, product characteristics, price, user needs and preferences;
    Three, the main competitors, understand the competitors, market positioning, product characteristics and market price, market model, market network, etc., and analysis of the competitors in-depth study;
    Four, put forward of the market orientation and market entry strategy, to invest and cooperate with the requirements of feasible Suggestions.