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What is the regular connection technology of terminal blocks?
  Published:2015-07-03 14:35:09   Views:

   Terminal blocks are the basic accessories products of the automation industry, their main function is to complete signal, current and the intermediate media effective transmission, safe protection device and handy operation are the two core value of the market.
   Connected in electric power automation system, the terminal block is convenient for daily operation and maintenance, it has simple structure, lots of varieties, which can provide thousands of solutions for industry partners. When the connection of the terminal block burn out, terminal application advantages made explicit, power outages, it can immediately change the same terminal models of new ones, the maintenance is greatly quick. For the terminal block, its connection technology mainly includes the following aspects:

   Screw connection is to use the screw type terminal connections, lian jie electric remind you to pay attention to the maximum and minimum cross section of allowed to connect wires with different specifications screws allowed maximum torque.

  Welding is one of the most common soldering. Soldering connection is the most important solder material and the welding surface should be formed between the continuity of metal.

   Pressure connection is to make the metal within the prescribed limit of compression and displacement, connect the wire to the contact.
   Wire wrap is brought wire winding directly on the edges of contact wire wrap on the column.

   Prick link is also called insulation displacement, invented by the United States, which has high reliability, low cost, convenient use, etc.