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Terminal instructions
  Published:2015-08-24 15:05:32   Views:

Terminal row is used to connect electronic components, electrical equipment on the market in the production of terminal line of different types, different models, different colors. How to choose their own terminal block has become a headache problem. For the market demand of terminal line of the selection and use in detail as follows. Including the selection of form a complete set of terminals and the working principle of terminal blocks.

My company production of terminal blocks from the categories can be divided into orbit type terminal blocks and PCB terminals, specific orbit type terminals include UL - UK, TR, TC2,  IN ordinary terminals,etc; PCB terminals including LC series plug type terminal blocks, LG series straight welded type terminal blocks, LS series spring type terminal blocks, LW series fence type terminals and E series bare terminals. Among them, the orbital terminals can be used alone, don't need to use products and welding on the guide rail directly; PCB terminals in LW series, LG series, E series like rail type terminals, terminal directly welded on the circuit board or fixed in the controller is used, But the LC and the LS series have a larger share in the market sales, analyzes comparison of these two series of products have representative.

Plug type terminal is to import plug wires, then plug and socket welding on the PCB docking realize electrical connection. When choosing a terminal, plug and socket are used at the same time. For the choice of products, from the needle distance, mistake proofing, welding, flange and so on, several aspects of discriminate and some products also can through the color to match.