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For every application suitable system of joining
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  Variants of basis of Durchgangs take off and Schutzleiterklemmen a transverse cable section area 0,2 to 120 mm². On the basis of konturengleichen outward geometry of clamps for transverse sections to 10 mm² itself the single flags of completion and Trennwände abandon to use for these variants.Equal accordingly cost for platzsparenden Doppelstockvarianten to Durchgangs and Schutzleiterklemmen Srkd.  Ssld, that for the transverse sections of cables 0,2 to 10 mm² is accessible and an over 2×2 or 1×4 connecting selective dispose.Rewarded Sicherungstrennklemmen Ssik Schraubanschlusssystem through and in end-capping position folding arresting Trennhebel with a reception for the spare providing. You in variants Ssik 4 for the thin providing of types 5×20, 5×25, 5×30 and Ssik 6 for 6,3×25 - and 6,3×32-sicherungen are accessible and dispose optional Led-statusanzeige.

  Except principle of motive pen, that high pin force and sicherheit at insignificant resistance of transition provide, also screws are unverlierbar positioned in an overhead area through a spiral gad-fly.Optimized leg geometry must blameless to upwardsrests and absolutely vibrationsfesten seat on the tires of execution Ts 35 × 7,5 and Ts 35 × 15 provide.All metallic parts, as screws, motive pens, tires of streams and Pe-feet, it is probably ranged badly in the constructed clamping baskets.