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high-end connector in the market
  Published:2015-09-22 09:58:08   Views:

    The electronics industry in the second half of the year to enter the peak season demand, the industry boom of the recovery in the electronics industry entered a new round of the economic cycle in 2009 and 2011 the electronics industry will remain relatively stable growth, the growth rate is expected to remain in the single digits. With the advent of the second half of the season, the entire electronics industry of the year will appear in low trend. Connect the device industry segments and the overall growth in the electronics industry is highly relevant, in the second half performance in the first half. Frequency of downstream hot market uncertainty is high, the growth performance of the connector, the next five years, the CAGR was the explosive growth of up to 15% of smart phones, tablet PCs, consumer electronics, is expected to smart phones over the next five years, compound annual growth rate 34.1% of the Tablet PC 2011 annual growth rate up to 284.5%; the 12th Five Year Plan "to help the rural market, home appliances and accelerate the industrial policy of the broadband network construction in rural areas will continue to promote the popularity of the PC in the rural market; car connection The device market is huge, and there was a growing trend, the current very low degree of localization, the huge potential for development; expected compound annual growth rate of domestic connector market in the next five years up to 15%.* Domestic connector industry concentration enhance the trend is clearly the future will form the strong stronger and the situation over the past 10 years, global connector market industrial concentration rising domestic connector market with the transfer of production capacity to become the world's largest market, China connector enterprises will face significant opportunities for industry concentration elevated. Domestic connector industry concentration is low, the top five companies accounted for 6.65% market share in the year 2010 to enhance the potential is huge. Able to closely follow the new products, the strength of the strong technology research and development quickly followed, will have more market and more strong growth momentum. Expected growth rate of the top five companies in the coming five years ago, will be far higher than the increase of the connector market compound annual growth rate of up to about 40%. Capacity to transfer high-end products from the cost drivers in the low-end products into the technology-driven cost drivers in the low-end connectors, transfer of production capacity will gradually slow down, we expected to be replaced by technology-driven high-end connector market, the future The market will be more conducive to development and growth of technology-driven company.