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Shanghai Elinker analytical terminal hardware plating
  Published:2015-09-17 08:49:38   Views:

    Belongs to the electronic connector terminals, which is an important parts in electronic components, has an irreplaceable role in the field of electrical connection. In contact with the general connector terminals all know that most of the connector parts will have a layer of coating. What role does the coating? Why not use the original hardware material in the outside?
    Connector should have contact with coating, because coating can maintain the connector,reduce environmental corrosion, add connector durability and wear resistance.
    1. Improve mechanical function
    The main mechanical functions of the connector are insertion force and mechanical life. Connector insertion force and mechanical life and contact element structure (size) the positive pressure, contact area coating quality and the contact element array size accuracy (alignment). These features need to rely on the properties of the coating materials and the use of the work process. In this way, the connector plating is very important.
    2. The anti-corrosion function
    The connector first to think about is corrosion maintenance. Now on the market most electric connector contact shrapnel are made of copper alloy and copper alloy in a typical electric connector from corrosion in the working environment, such as oxide and sulfide. And the role of the coating is to close contact with shrapnel and the working environment, thus isolation hardware, avoid copper corrosion. Of course, the coating material can't work in the damage environment.
    3. Improve the electrical properties
    The main electrical connector performance including contact resistance, insulation resistance and electric strength. Good hardware can make connectors have low and stable contact resistance, coating will play an important role here. In order to maintain the stability of the contact interface impedance, terminal design requirements, should pay attention to keep contact with the coating the surface of the metal phase, in order to prevent the external factors such as pollutants, as well as the contact and wear the proliferation of alkali metal. As YL1 lian jie electrical production - 5.08 terminals, plating process, the enhanced the stability of the terminal at the same time also greatly reduces the hardware of the contact resistance.