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LC6H-5.0/5.08 Pluggable Terminal Block
  • LC6H-5.0/5.08
  • Rated voltage(v):
  • Rated current(A):
  • Wire Size(m㎡):
  • Wire Size(AWG):
  • Single/multi-core diameter(m㎡):
  • Strip length:
  • Resistant voltage(kv):
  • Insulation Resistance:
  • Poles(P):

Introduction of LC6H-5.0/5.08 Series pluggable terminal blocks:


LC6 series are with spring connection technology. Such spring plug with 2-24 poles can bereplaced as LC1 series plug, and used in conjunction with the LZ1 plug.There is a test jack in the open side of all the spring plugs. In the shell wall there is a row of insulation against finger touch test holes, which can also be used to complete these tests correspond to wire-bit test.In the spring connection the wires are simply directly inserted into the wiring bit.Used in conjunction with the corresponding socket connections it may constitute a shock.The height of LC6H series plug is evenly on both sides of the PCB on the line.


Diagram and parameter description:



Assembly of LC6H-5.0/5.08:


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