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LC12R-3.5/3.81 Pluggable Terminal Block
  • LC12R-3.5/3.81
  • Rated voltage(v):
  • Rated current(A):
  • Resistant voltage(kv):
  • Insulation Resistance:
  • Poles(P):

Introduction of LC12R-3.5/3.81 Series pluggable terminal blocks:


The feature of LC12 series is, that they are fixed with active plug on the PCB. Man can clearly distinguish the PCB input and output. We have  3.5, 3.81, 5.08, 7.5, 7.62 pitch. We can provide the products, which have nuts in the side with. With the LZ series they can match the seismic connections.


Diagram and parameter description:




Aseembly of LC12R-3.5/3.81:


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 LZ4-3.81 terminal blocks