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LZ3VHM-3.5/3.81 Plug Header Terminal Block
  • LZ3VHM-3.5/3.81
  • Rated voltage(v):
  • Rated current(A):
  • Resistant voltage(kv):
  • Insulation Resistance:
  • Poles(P):

Introduction of LZ3VHM-3.5/3.81 Series Plug Header Terminal Block

The top and bottom of H-type are the same. The top and bottom of T-type are staggered. They can be connected on the PCB or external, such as shell inlay. The direction is horizontal or vertical. The side can be with screw or without screw position. The side is divided into closed and not the closed.

Diagram and parameter description:




Assembly of LZ3VHM-3.5/3.81:


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